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Stereotipo provides consumer focused companies with a first hand look at the attitudes and opinions of Hispanic teen consumers. Our focus group results offer companies the information they need to define brand and product strategies Hispanic teens will identify with.

Teens are generally a tough market to begin with, and Hispanic teens have additional intricacies related to cultural differences, generational differences, income disparities and differences in country of origin, to name just a few.

Companies need to build meaningful relationships with the Hispanic teen market if they want to win their hearts and become the brand of choice. Statistics alone are not enough. Building meaningful relationships requires the kind of intimate understanding only a combined qualitative and quantitative approach offers. Our panel of Hispanic Hipsters™ connects us with the culture, attitudes, trends, lifestyles, opinions, hopes, diversities and soul of this truly amazing and unique youth segment.

Stereotipo offers two key services:
Latino Lifestyle Report — a subscription based quarterly report
Custom Market Research Reports

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