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According to the US Census Bureau estimates, Hispanics will represent 25% of the total US population in 2050 and could reach 33.3% by 2100
Source: US Census Bureau 2000
About Stereotipo
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Stereotipo is a strategic market research agency specializing in the US Hispanic youth market. Our reports are targeted to Consumer Product companies primarily in Apparel, Footwear and Health & Beauty. Our visionary approach helps companies identify and analyze trends in the rapidly growing Latino market, which includes 13.4M people under the age of 20.

We help companies gain insight into the hearts and minds of this important $60+Billion teen market, which is expected to more than double over the next 10 years. Our unique methodology is interactive and dynamic, and continues to evolve with the feedback of our member companies.

Truly understanding the Hispanic teen consumer and knowing what products and services they like will be a critical success factor to gaining this market as long-term, loyal customers. At Stereotipo, we remain constantly in touch with our youth base. We can provide your company with research to help guide important decisions concerning new Product Development initiatives, Brand and Category Strategies and Forecasting leading to overall brand success with US Hispanic teen consumers.

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