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Did you know?
Hispanic purchasing power is increasing at a rate of 118%.
Source: HACR
What is unique about Stereotipo?
We focus all our efforts on understanding one market segment's attitudes and behaviors and analyze how it relates to purchasing decisions in Apparel, Footwear and Health & Beauty. Such a targeted approach allows us to truly master the characteristics and behaviors of this market segment. Experience and continued research allow us to identify future trends and recommend appropriate actions to our clients.

Stereotipo's staff is always researching, listening and living the culture and attitudes of Hispanic teens.

Stereotipo Latino Lifestyle™ report offers companies information that will allow them to:
Modify products to be more compatible with market tastes
Design collections commercially compatible with Hispanic consumers
Modify brand and category strategies to target Hispanic consumers
Be aware of where a brand ranks in the minds of the Hispanic consumers
Track progress of brand ranking and popularity over time
Track changes in discretionary income and spending

Our reports will grow a client's understanding, thus market share of the exploding US Hispanic teen population.

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